Welcome to the Mini-term II Registration Portal & Registration Help Center

Registration is NOW CLOSED for Mini-1 and Regular Term Classes.  Follow these steps to register for a Mini-term II class. 


Step 1:

 Look up Mini-term II classes in the online schedule.  Narrow and select the class(es) you wish to add to your schedule.  Be sure to align your selection against your Degree Plan.  You can secure a copy of your Degree Plan via

Student Suite.

 Step 2:

  Print the "Add/Drop" form off  and complete it by adding the Mini-term II course you wish to add.  You will need Adobe Reader to view and print this form.  Adobe Reader is free.  Click here to access the free software if needed. 
Click on the form icon above to access the "Add/Drop" form.


Step 3:

Take your completed "Add/Drop" form to the Admissions Office (on the Birmingham Campus) or the Registrar's Office on the Bessemer campus for official processing.

Step 4:

  Follow normal procedures to pay for your classes.  To complete this step online, login in Student Suite..  Click on Student Information....then click on Complete Registration to either apply your Pell to cover your charges or pay for your fees (on either campus).  If the system will not allow you to pay online, visit the Cashier's Office on either campus for assistance to complete final payment processing.

Note:  Additional Fees Apply to All Online Courses.  

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You will NOT be able to register online if you have any HOLDS or blocks on your account.  
ONLY students who have applied and have been accepted at the college can register online!

Step-by-Step Registration Steps (for Online Registration)   

Do NOT proceed.  Online Registration is Now Closed.  Follow the steps above to complete Mini-term 2 registration on campus.

STEP 1: Review Your Degree Plan & STARS Guide (if you are a College Transfer student)

Print off a copy of your degree plan from Student Suite or by viewing the online catalog.  If you are a College Transfer student, be sure to have a copy of your STARS agreement with you to compare course alignments.  It is important that you only register for courses that your transferring college wishes you to take. For example, some colleges may require you to take MTH110 (Finite Mathematics) while others may wish for you to take MTH112 (Pre-Calculus).  You need to view your STARS Guide to make this correct determination.  Failure to follow your degree plan can lead to delays in your graduation date or could lead to you selecting non-transferable classes that our out of your degree plan (at your transfer college).                                                                                        
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Step 2:  See Your Academic Advisor:

After analyzing your degree plan closely, see your and seek specialized advisement from your Academic Advisor for any questions or recommendations before registering.  Never seek advisement from other students or individuals outside of the college.  You need to see your advisor for professional assistant in the selection of courses.  Be sure to bring your degree plan and STARS Guide  (if applicable) with you during your advising session.  Click here: Locate My Advisor,  if you need help locating your advisor.  
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STEP 3:  Select Your Classes.  Note:  Additional Fees Apply to All Online Courses.  Click here to learn more.

Select Classes & Secure Course ID #'s:  Now that you have met with your advisor and you know which classes you need to register for, click on the Schedule of Classes button and look up your classes (one by one).  For each class, write down the 5-digit call number and the days and times (the class meets).  You will need this later.  Also, be sure you are not selecting course conflicts.  Course start and end times cannot overlap.  NOTE:  It is important to register early (the semester before the classes begin), so you can avoid getting "hit" with a lot of closed (full) classes.  The earlier you select your classes and pick out a full schedule, the better.   NOTE:  Lawson State reserves the right to cancel classes that do not meet minimum enrollment requirements.                                                                                          

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STEP 4: Register & Pay for Your Classes. Note:  Additional Fees Apply to All Online Courses.  Click here  to learn more. 

To begin, login Student Suite then locate and click on Registration and select your classes.  To register for each course, type in the 5-digit course ID number for each course you previously selected.  As you are registering for your classes, you can actively add and drop classes, if you would like to make changes.  Once done selecting all of your classes and you feel your schedule is permanent, Click on the Complete Registration button to finalize the registration process.  Remember, you are NOT officially registered until you have paid for your classes.  If you paid for your classes and the system no longer is allowing you to Add/Drop online, visit our Add/Drop and Withdrawal page for more assistance. 

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NOT ACTIVATED to register online or have a question? Contact Us!