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    Step 1: Print Degree Plan              Step 2: Select Classes               Step 3: Register & Pay              

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NOTE: Students not accepted or have holds on their accounts will NOT be able to register.  

Registration Directions for first time (New Students):  See below.

Step 1:

If you have not already done so, schedule an appointment to see your advisor.  Your advisor's name is printed on your schedule.  Use our Staff Directory to email them.  Or click on the icon below.  If you have already met with your advisor and know what classes you need to take next, SKIP this step. 

Step 2:

Print off a copy of your degree plan.  You can secure a copy of your degree plan from Student Suite or via STARS (if you are a College Transfer student) or the catalog.

Need help logging in Student Suite or other help registering, view our Registration Tutorials page.  Or, click on the icon below for help.


Step 3:

Select Your Courses (online).   Click on "Class Schedules" below.  Be sure to write down the course specifics (so you do not create conflicts) and the 5-digit call number (for each course).  Example:  PSY200 MW, 8-9:15 a.m., Call #: 03564; CIS146 MW 9:30-10:45 a.m., Call #: 08453


PROCEED WITH CAUTION:  Do not register for an online eCollege course unless you pass this Online Readiness Test.  Additional fees apply to all online courses.  See tuition icon below for more information.  Students in more than one developmental course should not register for an online course.

Step 4:

With your call numbers in hand, login in Student Suite and register for your classes.  If you do not know how to complete this step (in Student Suite) take a few minutes to view these instructional videos on registering.  Both are very short.

Cannot register online, contact us immediately?


Adding and Dropping Classes 

Step 5:  Complete Registration

To complete registration, login Student Suite and click on the Complete Registration button.  From there, follow the prompts to pay for your classes.  NOTE:  Students who DO NOT complete this step are not considered fully registered.  They are only pre-registered.  Meaning, they risk being dropped for non-payment.

Wanting more information about our tuition and fees?  Click on the icon below. 

Note:  Additional Fees Apply to All Online Courses.  Click here to learn more.   



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Note:  Additional Fees Apply to All Online Courses.  Click here to learn more.