Pharmacy Technician (NOW PELL ELIGIBLE!!!)

The Pharmacy Technician Assistant program prepares the individual to assist the Pharmacist in a variety of settings to include the institutional and retail pharmacies. The individual will learn to interpret, label, file and prepare prescriptions. The individual will also learn inventory management and understand the technician’s role in community and hospital pharmacy. This program is a two semester program beginning each fall semester annually.

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Pharmacy Technician Course (Curriculum) Outline

Course  Credit   
 Fall Semester    
 ORI 101 Orientation to College  1  
 PHM 100 Introduction to Pharmacology  2  
 PHM 101 Pharmacy Math and Terminology  2  
 PHM 102 Pharmacology I  3  
 PHM 112 Pharmacology II  3  
 PHM 113 Drugs and Health  3  
                                                     Total  14  
Spring Semester     
 PHM 205 Billings and Computers  3  
 PHM 207 Institutional Pharmacy  3  
 PHM 210 Pharmacy Practice  3  
 PHM 211 Pharmacy Technician Practicum I  3  
 PHM 212 Pharmacy Technician Practicum II  3  
                                                     Total  15  
Course Total   29