Understanding the Associate of Arts Degree

The Associate in Arts Degree  (AA) provides the course of study equivalent to those offered to freshman and sophomore-level students in attending any four-year college/university in the state of Alabama and beyond.  The designation of "Arts" degree should not be confused with one majoring in art.  Rather, the Associate in Arts degree  covers a broad spectrum of studies related to the Arts and Humanities (i.e, English, Education, Art, Music, History, Communications, etc..).  Meaning, an Associate in Art degree is a general degree that is broad in scope. Students study a wide range of topics, including English, math, science, fine arts, philosophy and literature. The degree is a general-studies option with the purpose of transferring to a four-year college or university later.

Students graduating with an AA degree can transfer their credits to a four-year college and enter their new college as a junior under most awarding conditions.

Students who are seeking an AA degree are required to run a STARS report which outlines what specific courses your transfering college is requesting.  In addition, students should contact the specific institution to which they wish to transfer regarding any unique requirements of that institution. Your advisor can also assist you with any questions related to transferability of courses.