Phlebotomy Technician

This program is designed to prepare individuals to properly collect quality blood samples from patients and communicate with the healthcare team.  The classes are offered twice a semester click here for more information.  The course is held in the Ethel Hall Building Room 201 on the Bessemer Campus. 

Clinical externships will be scheduled 3-4 week into the program.  Clinicals will be held at available times during agency's business hours and may be different from designated course time.

Fee:  $900.00 (Note: $350 estimated and in addition out-of-pocket coses (i.e. book, scroubs, certification examination, etc.)

Upon admission $450.00 is expected to be paid prior to the first day of class and the remaining $450.00 four weeks into the course.

For more detailed information, please click here or contact Ms. Kamille Smith at 205.929.3432 or

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