Dental Assisting Program

Dr. Teresa Ray
Dental Assisting Program Director

Dental Assisting is a professional career.  In order to uphold the quality education of Lawson State Community College, and to maintain the standards set by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association, it is necessary to establish certain guidelines for students.

As Director of the Dental Assisting Program, I welcome each student and encourage each one in attaining his/her career goals.  It is my intent to support the success of each student by providing additional help and cooperation as needed.  I am available to answer any questions and assist with any problems that may arise.

Virtual Instruction (COVID 19)--Student Verification & Additional Testing Fees Notification

The Dental Assisting Program utilizes technologies that aid in student learning. These technologies may include, but are not limited to web-based learning platforms i.e. Blackboard Ultra, Zoom conferences, eBooks, linked learning videos and on-line discussions regarding course content. All students are required to attend every learning session whether on-line or in the classroom.

Authentication of Users:  Lawson State uses multiple verification processes to protect student privacy.  These verification processes include secure login to Blackboard.  Identification verification processes folded into Respondus (the college's lockdown browser) as well as Proctor U (the college's 3rd party proctoring services).  Verification can include secure logins, identification checks, photo or webcam scans.  Each level of verification is designed to protect student privacy and to ensure student protections related to their identity.  

Additional Fees:  Students enrolled in online or virtual classes at Lawson State are charged an additional $50 per course technology fee.  This fee covers the expense of testing (whether that testing occurs directly in Blackboard or it is  proctored using Proctor U or Respondus features).  This fee cannot be waived and is automatically charged at the time of enrollment.  For more information on eCollege testing fees, click here.  

COVID-19 Vaccination

Lawson State Community College does not require students to show proof of vaccination. However, as a Health Professions student, you may be required to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination for the purpose of attending clinicals. The specific requirements vary with each clinical facility. Here are some examples of what may be required:

  • Proof of vaccination (vaccination card)
  • Negative COVID-19 testing every 10 days

Students who are unable to comply with requirements warranted by the clinical facility face the possibility of not being able to attend clinical experiences. Furthermore, students who are unable to attend clinicals will not be able to complete the requirements for the Health Professions program. When and if there are alternative opportunities available for clinicals, you will be placed there but this cannot be guaranteed.



  • Demonstrate clinical competencies of an entry level dental assistant.
  • Function safely and efficiently as a member of the dental team under the supervision of the dentist.
  • Communicate effectively with patients and dental team members.
  • Provide dental services with respect and compassion regardless of cultural diversity.
  • Exhibit legal and ethical behavior which adheres to professional conduct standards for dentistry

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Dental Assisting Application Course Transfer Ability  Infectious Disease Policy

Employee Statistics

Upon successful completion of the Dental Assisting Program, students exhibit proficiency in office management skills, manipulation of dental materials, and the provision of patient care. Clinical experience is facilitated through internships at the University Of Alabama School Of Dentistry, Veteran’s Hospital, and private dental offices. The Dental Assisting program awards the certificate and the Occupational Technologies degree and is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association, Council on Occupational Education and the State Board of Dental Examiners. Graduates are eligible to write the national certification examination administered by Dental Assisting National Board.

Lawson State Dental Assisting Program is accredited by CODA--the Commission on Dental Accreditation. The mission of the Dental Assisting program is to provide the academic and clinical learning experiences that assist students in developing the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary for successful and effective functioning in the biological, behavioral, and clinical aspects of dental assisting and to encourage graduates to continually seek personal and professional growth opportunities. The Dental Assisting program awards the certificate and offers an option to complete the Associate in Occupational Technologies degree.