The Center for Teaching Excellence and Learning is a Title III Sponsored activity designed to provide faculty and staff with 24/7 access to professional development experiences.  The center offers face-to-face and online training,  a new online faculty and staff training series, FAME (Faculty Academy Master Educators) training and  also works in cooperation with the Instructional Technologist, Kesha James, to deliver eCollege (distance education) training for faculty.

Get Your Training Online. 24/7 Online Training:

 Lawson State is proud member of offers over 5,000 online tutorials from Blackboard to Excel to iPads to iPhones to Publisher to Office to more.  The choices are endless and the possibilities of professional growth are even greater.  Log on today!  To learn more about, view the informational video below. 

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Want Face-to-Face Training Opportunities or Specialized Training,  Opposed to Online Training?

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 Meet Our Team


Dr. Sherri Davis, CTEL Director

The CTEL Director is Dr. Sherri Davis, Academic Dean.  Dr. Davis is a specialist in instructional strategies, curriculum design and online course delivery.  She is also versed in advanced Blackboard operations, Web 2.0 platforms and assessment techniques.  She has over 20 years of teaching and administrative experience combined and serves as the lead FAME (Faculty Academy Master Educators) trainer.  She handles all specialized and requests.


Ms. Kesha James, Director of Distance Education (Separate Title III Initiative)

Meet Lawson State's Director of Distance Education, Mrs. Kesha James.  This  Division is a separate department and is also a Title III Sponsored Activity.  Mrs. James has over 15 years of teaching and advanced technology infusion experience, including Web 2.0 and other web products to enhanced face to face and online course instruction.  She is also a certified Blackboard, Smartboard and Quality Matters (eCollege) expert, and as such, is responsible for training all eCollege faculty at the college.  Her greatest passion is teaching and sharing with faculty.  She handles all eCollege training and all face-to-face instructional training.