The Requisition Process (for Managers)

Procurement of materials, equipment and supplies go through an extensive approval process at the college typically including the review and approval of mid-level to senior level to executive level approvals.  The Business Office manages and oversee this process to ensure compliance with both federal and state laws governing grants and various accounts.

Budget managers begin on the Department Level and extend through the Executive Level.  Lawson State uses an online review and approval process (via the Employee Suite System) to vet all requests.  Strict requirements come into play as it relates to the spending federal and state dollars.  Typically, most budgets do not allow for the acquisition of food and trophies or gifts.  Funds should be directed in the most ethical and reasonable manner. 

For more information on the requisition process, view the video below.

Issuing of Checks for Reimbursement

If you are expecting a reimbursement check for travel or for some other means, the Business distributes check (only if original receipts of a purchase) is provided.  Once a reimburse check is available, the Business Office will contact you.  Checks can be secured via the Cashier on the Birmingham campus (only).  If the check is not picked up within a reasonable amount of time, it will be mailed to the individual instead.


Payroll Checks

Payroll checks are distributed via Direct Deposit only.  To set up your Direct Deposit account, contact the Office of Human Resources.  You will need your driver's license and a copy of a voided check to set this process up at the College.

Pay Stubs

Copies of employee Pay Stubs are stored in the Employee System.  They can also be printed from that system as well.

W2 Forms

W2 Forms can be collected electronically via the Employee Suite system.  Or, employees can secure a copy of their W2 from the Human Resources Office.