Banner Training Series:  Banner Overview and Class Scheduling

This series is designed to train schedule inputters on how to input class schedules in Banner.  View each video in the order presented below.

**To expand any video below, click on the blue "online training" top, left button.  View on YouTube and Expand. 

Banner Navigation and Overview of Landing Page


Creating Courses in Banner.  Videos created by CTEL (Lawson State)

Step 1:  Adding Course Selection Information in Banner

 Step 2:  Selecting Enrollment and Meeting Times in Banner


Step 3: Selecting Building & Rooms to a Course in Banner


Step 4: Adding Faculty to Courses in Banner 


Step 5:  How to Build a Course (from A-Z) in Banner--An Overview


Step 6:  How to Build Web and Virtual Courses in Banner (Learning the Difference)


Step 7:  How to Create Course Messages in Banner