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What is Lawson State Community College's eCollege (Distance Education)?

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eCollege offers you the opportunity to take college courses completely online (via Blackboard) without having to come to campus.  If work or family schedules conflict with on-campus classes, you don’t have to give up important responsibilities to pursue an education.

The difference between an eCollege course and a campus-based course is how each is delivered. eCollege courses are delivered to you electronically via the Internet. Instructors utilize various methods of communication to conduct the course, such as Web 2.0 technologies, social networking, threaded discussions, email, web conferencing, audio and videod lectures.

If you own a computer and are willing to follow the download, equipment and software purchase (i.e., Microsoft Word)  requirements, any Lawson student can take a eCollege course as long as they are not enrolled in more than one developmental course.  Just as some people are more successful at regular courses, others are more successful at distance education courses. In general, a successful eCollege student is someone who wants or needs a flexible school schedule and knows how to study independently.

Does Lawson State Offer Any Full Online Programs?

Yes.  Lawson State offers one full online program--Business.  Students seeking other degrees can take a limited number of their classes online towards that degree.
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Are Online Courses Easier?

No! Absolutely Not!  It is a false premise to believe that online courses are easier than on-campus courses; they are not.  Indeed, online courses can be quite demanding and require students to be self-motivated, highly organized and self disciplined in order to successfully pass the class.  Also note that all Mid-terms and Final Exams are recorded and proctored (monitored online by a third party) in every eCollege course in order to ensure that all standards of performance are reached and upheld in all online courses.

Explore More Information on eCollege (online) courses and Take the eCollege Readiness Self-Assessment

Before you enroll in an eCollege course, spend sometime reviewing the information (under the menu bar on your left).  We cover equipment, software and download requirements, and we even link you to a free self-assessment test to determine if you are truly a good candidate for this type of learning environment.