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Overview of eTutoring Services:

Lawson State Community College provides various eTutoring platforms for students taking online courses and for students taking ground courses.  Regardless of what academic support you are seeking, you can use the services on this page to remediate yourself and strengthen your skills in all levels math, statistics, English, Anatomy & Physiology, biology, chemistry, business, health professions, history, psychology, sociology, history and beyond.  We offer scheduled "live" tutoring (through the TutorChat "Live" foundation); guided instructional reviews (via the Khan Academy); expanded course instructional videos via Hippo Campus and Watch Learn More and homework help via, and more.  You can also pay for private tutors, if you opt to; see below for more information.

Explore the various support that is provided and select what is best for you.  If you are in need of face-to-face tutoring on campus, you can schedule a tutoring session by clicking on the "Schedule an Appointment" below.  Again, we have resources below that will enable you to secure help without leaving your home (if you are online student), but if you desire face-to-face, please feel free to come on campus for help.

Select the Type of eTutoring Services that is Right for You: 

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Our Video Series offers links to over 1,000 of videos that cover full course topics in all levels of mathematics, biology, chemistry, astronomy physics, business, finance, economics, statistics, computer science, history, English, grammar, writing and Spanish.

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Video Tutorials Library: 

Scroll down to view the video topics.  Many links represent a series of videos on a given topic. We have one of the largest inventories  of videos (1,000's) that can be found on the Internet. 

Business & Computer Science Video Series: 

Banking and Money:

Computer Science:

Commerce (Secondary):

Credit Crisis:



Secondary Economics:

Personal Finance:

Microeconomics and Macroeconomics:


Valuation and Investing:

Venture Capital & Capital Markets:

English Video Series:


Descriptive Writing:

The 5-paragraph essay:

The 5-paragraph essay (formula);

Body Paragraphs:

Body Paragraph Development:



Improve Your Academic Writing (5 Tips);

Informative Writing:


Grammar (Full Video Series):

MLA Style;

Process Writing:


Avoiding Plagiarism:

What is Plagiarism:

How to Paraphrase:

Thesis Statement (for beginners):

How to Write a (Killer) Thesis Statement:

Thesis Statement:

Transitions & Connections:

U.S. History Video Series:


American Experience--Race for the Super Bomb:

America's Great Indian Nations:

America's Great Indian Leaders:

Native Americans before European Colonization:

Battle of the Bulge:

Civil Rights Movement:

Civil Rights Movement and MLKJr.:

Benjamin Franklin:

The Great Depression:

Harlem Renaissance:

Immigration through Ellis Island:

Racism, School Desegregation in America:

Reconstruction--Post Civil War (Part I):

Reconstruction--Post Civil War (Part II):

Segregation at All Costs (Bull Connor):

1920-1929--America's Time--Boom to Bust:

Roaring 20's:

1914-1919--Shell Shock:

1929:  The Crash:

1929-1936--Stormy Weather:

1941-1945--Home front:


The 60's:

1953-1960--Happy Daze:


1970-1975--Approaching the Apocalypse :

1981-1989 America's Time:

90's and beyond:

U.S. History (History Channel Video Series):

U.S. History (Khan Academy Video Series):

Benjamin Frankin:

Andrew Jackson:

Douglas MacArthur:

John F. Kennedy:

Robert F. Kennedy:

The Kennedys:

Martin Luther King, Jr. (Video Series):

Martin Luther King, Jr. "I Have a Dream" Speech:

Robert E. Lee:

Robert E. Lee:

Abraham Lincoln (Assassination):

Albert Einstein:

Thomas Jefferson (Part I):

Thomas Jefferson (Part II):

Lyndon B. Johnson:

George Washington:

Revolutionary War (Part I):

Revolutionary War (Part II):

Revolutionary War (Part III):

Revolutionary War (Part IV):

World War I:

World War II:

World War II (in color);

American Civics:

World History Video Series:


Ancient Greeks:

Great Egyptians:

Ancient Egyptian Buildings

Japan: History of Japan's Ancient and Modern Empire (Full Documentary) :

Mammoths and Ice Age:

Ottoman Empire:

Genius of Pythagoras:

Roman Empire:

Ancient Maya:

Pompeii:  A Mystery of a Frozen People:

Stone Age:

Queen Nefertiti:

Worlds Earliest Civilization:

Mathematics--Nearly 100's of Videos Per Topic



Algebra (Worked Examples):

Algebra (Worked Examples, More):

Algebra II:

Linear Algebra:

Basic Math Problem Solving (FRACTIONS & MIXED NUMBERS):

Basic Math (ARITHMETIC):


Differential Equations:

Developmental Math 1:

Developmental Math 2:

Developmental Math 3:


Geometry (Standards of Performance):




Statistics & Graphing (Collective View of Videos):

Statistics & Graphing:



Science:  Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, General Science & More


Anatomy and Physiology (Structured View of Videos):

Anatomy and Physiology (all bodily systems covered):


AP Biology (Structured View of Videos):

Biology (Collective View of Videos):


Biology (Khan Academy Videos Series:

Biology Continued (AP Level):

Biology Labs:

Advanced Biology Practices:

AP Chemistry (Structured View of Videos):

Chemistry (Collective View of Videos):

Chemistry (Khan Academy Video Series):


Organic Chemistry:

Cells,  Mitosis and More:

Health Care and Medicine:

Physics (Collective View of Videos):

AP Physics (Collective View of Videos):

Physic Essentials:

Physics (Khan Academy Video Series):

Popular Video Uploads:  Physics and More:

Expanded Science Topics (Collective View of Videos):

Expanded Science Topics (Chemical, Nuclear, Force, Energy, Waves and Much More):

Science (Scientific Method):

Science Video Courses:

Science of Weather:

Spanish Video Series


Learn Spanish--150 Spanish Phrases for Beginners:

Learn Spanish--100 Most Common Words;

Spanish (full video series);

Spanish Pronunciations:

Spanish Vocabulary:

Spanish Grammar:

Spanish Tutor (Verbs and Pronouns):