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Fact #1:  Our Top College Ranking

Lawson State is nationally ranked.  It is a Top 5 Community College.  Click on the icon below to view the official ranking.

Fact #2:  Accredited and Approved by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (Commission on Colleges)


Lawson State offers both College Transfer programs (for students wishing to transfer their credits to a four year college) and Career Technical Programs (for students wishing to secure a specific skill and enter the workforce).  Lawson State programs are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS COC).  This is the leading accrediting agency that accredits four and two year colleges nationally throughout the greater South and Southeast from the University of Alabama, to Auburn University, to Alabama A&M University to Lawson State and beyond.  Be careful of southern schools (in the state of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi) asserting they are accredited.  Make sure they are accredited by SACS.  If not, you could be in danger of taking courses that are not approved for transfer.  

Be sure your college of choice is accredited by SACS COC, if the college falls in one of the states listed above.  To check, click on the Check Status bar below.


Fact #3:  Qualified and Capable Faculty

Lawson State faculty are highly credentialed.  Community College faculty are qualified to teach on the community college level and four year college level.  The credentials to teach under our accrediting body (COC SACS) is the same, per discipline.  In fact, Lawson State has numerous faculty and administrators with doctorate degrees and all college transfer facutly are Master degreed faculty with years of teaching experience.

Fact #4:  Low Student to Teacher Ratios & Flexible Scheduling

Lawson State provides a faculty advisor for every student.  We also pride ourselves on low student to teacher ratios.  The current student to teacher ratio is 18: 1.  We also offer courses during the day, evening, weekends and online.  

Fact #5:  Strong Programs

Lawson State has numerous programs of study for students interested in receiving a degree and transfering to a four year college and for students wishing to study a career technical program.  To learn more about our progams, click on Programs of Study.

Fact #6:  Tranferability of Credits

If you are student wishing to transfer to a four year college, Lawson State's credits (because you will be attending an accredited college recognized by SACS COC) will transfer under the STARS (Statewide Transfer Articulation Reporting System) to both public and private universities in the state of Alabama and beyond.  Please note that colleges that do not participate in STARS (can and do set specific limits on transfer credit. 

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