Freshman Academy ORI101

(Freshman Orientation)

The Freshman Academy (ORI101) course, which was born out of Lawson State's Quality Enhancement Plan, is a state-of-the-art technology driven course designed to equip, engage and empower students.  This team oriented class provides students with an array of experimental learning opportunities geared towards seven specific student learning outcomes centrally focused on student success. Each expected outcome addresses a specific and targeted area that the college (faculty, staff, students, administrators), the community and other stakeholders as well as strategic planning data have indicated as areas in need of improvement.

Targeted Student Learning Outcomes are designed to teach and improve:

    technology skills
    critical thinking skills
    communication skills (oral, written and listening)
    social skills
    time management skills
    study skills
    leadership skills
    accepting personal responsibility

The success of the Freshman Academy is without question a contributing factor to student retention and progression at the institution.  Since its inception in 2010, the Freshman Academy has assisted thousands of new students at the college and boast a 90+% approval among Lawson students.  This popular course centers on team work, technology use and personal responsibility. 

ORI101 Course Options for New Students

All ORI101 classes run on a Mini-term cycle only (half a term)for eight weeks.  The college offers both ground and online courses of the Freshman Academy.

ORI101 Course Options for Transfer Students (transferring in at least 12 credits or more)

If you are a transfer student who is transferring in at least 12 credits or more, you are qualified to enroll in the accelerated ORI101 Orientation course.  This course is self paced and can be completed in as fast a week or at the very least 4 week.  It is completely up to the student.  The course is only offered online and only focuses on internal operations of the institution that are unique to Lawson State Community College (i.e., Student Suite operations, Online Registration procedures, LSCC Student Email, Blackboard, Student Code of Conduct, and more).  It is the view of Lawson State that all students, regardless of their entrance status, do require some form of orientation to the college, for they are "new" to Lawson State. 

Who Should Enroll

All new students to Lawson State are required to enroll in ORI101 (regardless of major or program length or duration) or status (new student, transfer student).  As noted above, transfer students (transferring in at least 12 credits or more) are eligible to take the shortened, self-paced version of ORI101.   Transient students (those  students coming to take a few courses at the college and leaving) and then go back to their home college, do not have to take orientation.

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The Freshman Academy Curriculum was designed by Dr. Sherri Davis, Academic Dean & CTEL Director, Dr. Kristie Rankin Swinsick, Career Services Director and Dr. Chantae Calhoun, Science Instructor
The Online Version of the Freshman Academy course was designed by Dr. Stephen Monti, QEP Director and English Instructor.