FAME:  Faculty Academy Master Educators

FAME instructors are a group of unique faculty who are hand-selected to teach Lawson State's freshmen students.  This cadre of highly dedicated faculty serve in all capacities of the college from Students Services to Career Technical to College Transfer.  Equally important, these faculty members volunteer and go through an extensive training series that runs a full year before they are graduate from the FAME program.  From there, they enter the freshman orientation (ORI101) classes to deliver an unforgettable experience for LSCC freshman students.

FAME Instructor Tribute:

FAME Instructors

Dr. Rhonda Branch, Spanish Instructor
Mr. Cedric Burden, English Instructor
Dr. Charmaine Rodgers Smith, Nursing Instructor
Mr. Elijah Anthony, Director of Student Support Services (Retired)
Mr. Harold Higginbotham, English and Humanities Instructor
Mrs. Eva Howard, Reading Instructor
Mr. Gregory Wilson, History Instructor
Ms. JoLynn Clayton, Nursing Instructor
Ms. Katrina Dudley, Enrollment Specialist
Dr. Ann Guy, Child Development Instructor
Mrs. Sandra O. Hall, English and Reading Instructor
Ms. Kesha James, Director, Distance Education
Mr. Jamie Landers, Sociology Instructor
Mrs. Darlene Martin, Mathematics Instructor
Mr. Shelly Millender III, Critical Reading Instructor
Mrs. Janice Orange, Counselor (Retired)
Ms. Tineka Peoples, English and Reading Instructor
Dr. Ann Swanberg, English & Reading Instructor
Dr. Shawanda Thomas, Mathematics Instructor
Dr. Tracey Wilson, Natural Sciences, Department Chair and Biology Instructor 

FAME Training &Trainers


Dr. Sherri Davis, Lead FAME Trainer and FA Curriculum Developer
Dr. Cynthia Anthony, FAME Trainer and Focus Group Leader
Dr. Stephen Monti,  QEP Director, FAME Trainer and FA Online Curriculum Developer
Ms. V. Masimasi, FAME Trainer

If you would like to learn more about the FAME program, please contact us?