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Cougar Alert is a mass notification system comprised of email, voice and text messaging that is designed to send emergency messages to thousands of individuals in minutes. It supplements existing means of emergency communication, including outdoor warning sirens and severe weather alert radios. LSCC students, faculty and staff have the opportunity to provide a primary mobile phone number for receipt of text messages, and up to three other phone numbers (mobile or other) for receipt of voice messages. Emergency messages (i.e., school closings due to severe weather, danger on campus, etc...) will be sent via a system provided by the Blackboard Connect. Cougar Alert will be used in tandem with other campus communication tools. 

How to Register Today (Online)?

Click on the "Alert Phone" to begin the registration process

STEP 2:  Enter your User Name which is your FULL Lawson State issued email address.  Example: (if you are a student) or (if you are an employee).

STEP 3: :  Enter your PASSWORD which is your 7-digit Lawson State Student or Employee ID Number.  Example:  1123595  [Employees use your 7-digit Lawson State Employee ID Number.  Example 8802231]

How to Locate Your ID Number:
  You can secure your LSCC ID number from either your Student Suite account information (if you are a student), or through your Employee Suite (also called the Faculty Suite), if you are an employee.

STEP 4: :  Once logged in, follow the prompts to change your password and get registered.  Important:  Always update the system if any of your contact information changes.

NOTE::  How to locate your student ID Number and FULL email address?  Your student ID number and email address are both printed on the top of your schedule.  You can secure a copy of your schedule by logging into Student Suite and printing off a copy.  

Need More Help?

Click on the image of the cougar to view or print instructions for creating a Cougar Alert Account and setting up your contact information.