(A new paperless / electronic process (to apply for graduation) without the need for Advisor's signatures) 


Login to Student Suite to Apply.  Under Student Records, click on the "Apply for Graduation" link.

*Remember when you apply to pay special attention to
select the specific award you are applying i.e. (AA, AAS,

* An online application must be completed for each award
in which the student completes.

All candidates for a degree or certificate must complete the online graduation process after completing the following steps:

Step 1:

Degree Plan Audit

An online advising tool that allows a student to view degree and certificate requirements and track completed coursework based on the catalog requirements.  
Students can generate a degree plan audit as follows:
  1. Go to the college’s website (
  2. Click on “Student Portal.”
  3. Log-in “Student Suite.”
  4. Click on “Student Information Center”+ to expand the list of options.
  5. Select “Degree Plan.”
  6. Review your degree plan to identify areas needing completing. (Schedule an appointment with an academic advisor if the degree audit displays 75% - 100% of completed coursework)

*Note: All degree audits are unofficial and is intended for advising purposes only. All students must meet with an academic advisor to review all requirements for graduation. Final approval of chosen degree or certificate completion resides with the college’s Registrar Office.

Step 2:

See an Advisor

  1. To review “Degree Plan Audit requirements ”  (To review the satisfactory completion requirement. A minimum of 60-64 semester hours of college credit is required for the AA or AS degree , 60-76 semester hours of college credit is required for the AOT and AAS degree, 30-60 certificates and 9-29 short certificates.)
  2. To validate student’s eligibility to apply for graduation.

Step 3:

Apply for Graduation

  1. Students can apply for graduation as follow:

    • Go the college’s website (
    • Click on “Student Portal.”
    • Log-in “Student Suite.”
    • Select “Apply for Graduation.”
    • Complete the online application.

  2. Please carefully review each fill and complete with accuracy.

  3. Submit form after completion.

  4. You must complete your Graduation Application before the deadline dates below.


Graduation Semester

Apply Online Graduation
 App Deadline

Graduation Application Deadline

Clearance Week

Commencement Ceremony

Ceremony Date(subject to change)


Fall Terms

Open After Drop/Add Each Term And Close One Week After Mini-term 2

Fall – Sept 30th

3rd week in September

Fall Commencement


Spring Term

Open After Drop/Add Each Term And Close One Week After Mini-Term 2

Spring -February 30th

3rd week in February

Spring Commencement


Summer Term

Open After Drop/Add Each Term And Close One Week After Mini-term 2

Summer – July 30th

3rd week in June

Fall Commencement


Step 4:

Approval / Denial Process

  1. You will receive an email notification once your application has been received and reviewed stating the status of your application (approved or denied) 
a. Approval email means that you have either completed all requirements or are currently enrolled in courses needed to complete degree requirements.
b.  Denial email means that you have not met all the requirements needed to be awarded the selected degree.  (see your adviser to determine what is needed to complete the selected degree)    
c.  Program Advisers will be notified of your online application status.         

*Note: If you are not successful with completing and submitting the graduation application online process or miss the deadline date to apply, please contact the Registrar's office at or visit the Registrar’s Office on the Bessemer/Birmingham Campus for further assistance.