Track 3:  Returning Student Needing Advisement(ENROLLMENT STEPS)

 STEP 1: Submit Transcript Copy

Step 1:  Print off a copy of your current high school transcript.

You must have a 2.5 or higher GPA to continue to participate. 
GPA's at 2.4999 or under do not qualify. 

NOTE:  Skip this step if you were enrolled as Dual Enrollment
student in the spring or summer term at Lawson and are enrolling
in the fall (of the same year).

 STEP 2:  Select Classes

Step 2: Review Lawson's online course
schedule database (below) and select up to two
classes (for your program).  If you need
help with course selection, go to Lawson's
website and schedule a Virtual Advising Session
with a Virtual Advisor in your major.  To access
the site, go to MyLAWSON Campus.

View the Lawson State class schedule and register for community college classes online

 STEP 3:  Complete  Your Trial Schedule

Step 3:  Print off a copy of Lawson State's 
Trial Schedule and complete it.  A sample
has been provided to assist you with
this step.

Click here for a copy Lawson's Trial Schedule

Click here for a SAMPLE Trial Schedule

 STEP 4:  Email Documents to Lawson

Step 4:  Gather all of the documents outlined above,
scan them and email them to:

For the Subject Line of the email, list
your full name and identify yourself as
a Dual Enrollment student submitting
at completed DE Application.  

Subject:  John Doe, Dual Enrollment
Completed Application

Be sure to submit your application before
the Bonanza of any term.  If you miss this date,
submit your application no later than one week
before the start of any new term. 

Late applications will not be permitted. 
To view the Academic Calendar (which
outlines start dates of terms), Click Here.

 STEP 5: Complete Orientation

Step 5: Final and most important STEP!!! 
Complete your online Dual Enrollment Orientation
session.  This information is available to you 24/7
and includes a video welcoming to Lawson State. 
You will learn how to print your schedule; get your
textbook; login in student email; login to Blackboard
(to access course information); login Student Suite
(to gain access to important LSCC information);
register for our campus alert system (Cougar Alert!);
and more. 


Watch the Welcome Video above and then  
Click here  to access your online Dual 
Enrollment Orientation information.



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