TRACK 1: New Student Needing Advisement 
(Enrollment Steps)

STEP 1: Complete Application

Step 1:  Complete the Dual Enrollment Application. 
Be sure your high school principal and parent or
guardian sign it.

Click here to APPLY to the Dual Enrollment Program. Complete our Application

STEP 2:  Submit Transcript

Step 2:  Print off a copy of your high school
transcript and attach it to your application. 
You must have a 2.5 or higher GPA to  participate. 
GPA's at 2.4999 do not qualify. 

STEP 3:  Submit Proof of ID

Step 3:  

Print off a copy of a state issued ID (any US state)
and attach it to your application.  If you do
not have a state issued ID, submit a copy of
your birth certificate along with a copy of your
Student Profile Sheet.  See your high school
counselor or main high office for your Profile Sheet.

 STEP 4:  Select Program of Study

Step 4: Review the list of programs covered
under our free Dual Program with your
parent(s) and/or high school advisor.  If one
of those programs is of interest to you, let us
know at the Orientation, and we will help you get
registered.  If not, we will discuss other
program options with you (on that day)

Click the "Dual Enrollment Programs" box
for the Grant Supported Dual Enrollment
Program Listing.

Note:  Grant funds are distributed on a first
come, first serve basis and are not guaranteed.

 STEP 5:  Print off Trial Schedule

Step 5: Print off a copy of Lawson Trial
schedule and bring it to the upcoming Orientation

Click here for a copy Lawson's Trial Schedule.

 STEP 6:  Attend Bonanza

Step 6:  Attend the upcoming Orientation on the
Birmingham campus of Lawson State. 
Click here for Lawson's Dual Enrollment
Orientation information/event details.

 STEP 7:  Complete Orientation

Step 7: Final and most important STEP!!! 
Complete your online Dual Enrollment
Orientation session.  This information is
available to you 24/7 and includes a video
welcoming to Lawson State.  You will learn
how to print your schedule; get your textbook;
login in student email; login to Blackboard
(to access course information); login Student
Suite (to gain access to important LSCC
information); register for our campus alert
system (Cougar Alert!); and more. 

Watch the Welcome Video above and then 
Click here  to access your online Dual
Enrollment Orientation information.



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