Transient Students--Application Process

A transient student is one who is attends / seeks a degree from another institution but wishes to attend Lawson State Community College for one term

Application Steps: Click here to print these steps.

Step 1:

Request an official letter of good standing or transient student form from the degree-granting/home institution. This letter  must list the term the applicant wishes to enroll at Lawson State Community College.  Contact the Office of Admissions in advance with questions at 

Step 2:

Make sure your transient letter (letter of good standing) is mailed to one of the Admissions Office locations or you may email it to the email account noted in step 1. (  

Lawson State Community College
Birmingham Campus 
Admissions Office
3060 Wilson Road, S.W.
Birmingham, AL 35221


Lawson State Community College
Bessemer Campus
Admissions Office
1100 9th Avenue S.W.
Bessemer, AL 35022 


Step 3: 

Make Application to College( as a transient student).  Click on the Apply Now button to begin your online application.  If you apply online, please also print / complete / sign / submit this form.  It may also be emailed to our office.

Step 4:

Provide the Admissions Office with your required ID information.  Snapshot your valid driver's license and return to 

Step 5:

Review Lawson States online class schedule and select your course(s).

Step 6:

Register online via your Student Suite account.  See directions for registering online via our website and step-by-step online tutorials. 

Step 7:

Financial Aid cannot be used if you are transient student.  Pay tuition/fees via your Student Suite account (online, if paying via credit card).  Or, if paying with cash or check, pay tuition/fees at the Cashier's Office (on the Bessemer campus in the A-Building) or at the Cashier's Office (on the Birmingham campus in the Administration Building).

Step 8:

Purchase books and supplies at either campus bookstore location.  The bookstore (on the Bessemer campus) is located in the A-Building and the bookstore on the Birmingham campus is located in the Leon Kennedy Building (on the second floor). 

Note:  F1 Visa Holders--for transient status must present a copy of the Visa in advance (before enrollment), as well as, a letter and transient clearance form from the institution recommending and approving specific courses before registration.  A new transient letter/form must be presented for each subsequent term.   

Please review the ID information

Print the transient student enrollment steps here.