Office of Admissions -  Printable and Interactive Forms


Purpose of Form

 Add/Drop  Form

Used to add or drop courses to a currently active schedule.


Admissions Web Application Verification

Must be mailed to the Admissions Office by those who apply for admission online.

Application for Admission

Print your Application for Admission using this link.

Change of Record Request

Used to change your program/award/name, etc.

Closed Schools Transcript Request

Used to request transcripts for closed colleges/schools.

College/High School Transcript Request

Used to request official college/high school transcripts from other institutions.

Compass Score Report Request

Students who took the Compass placement assessment here
should use this form to have their Compass Score Reports 
mailed to other institutions as needed.

Compass Study Guide

Used to prepare for the Compass Placement Assessment.

Eligibility for In-State Residency

Used to demonstrate eligibility for in-state residency status.

Enrollment Guide

Used by prospective students as an enrollment guide for LSCC.

GED Score Report Request

Used to request your GED score report (Only for those taken in Alabama
to be sent to LSCC)-Admissions can assist you.  Please contact
Ms. Streety at 205.929.3415.

GPA Calculation

Used to teach you how to calculate your cumulative higher education GPA.

ID Verification

For LSCC staff use only.

International Student Transfer / Transient Clearance Form

In compliance with the Immigration and Naturalization Service regulations and as a part of the College’s admission process,
all foreign transfer students are required to submit the following clearance statement with the admission application to Lawson
 State Community College.


International Affidavit of Financial Support

Affidavit of financial support for International Students.


Request for Free Course Due to GED Acquisition

Used to request 1 free course based on acquisition of GED on or after July 1, 2002.


Trial Schedule

Used to prepare your class schedule.

Tuition Management Information

Brochure about Tuition Management Systems.