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How Do I Purchase My eTextbook?

When you register for your classes at Lawson State, your eTextbook fees will already be charged to your account.  This is to ensure that all students (from the first day of class) have access to their eTextbook.  This will also prevent you from having to go to the bookstore to purchase a more expensive textbook, for eTextbooks are much less expensive than the standard ground textbook.  eTextbooks also cover your software fees.  Meaning you do not have to pay additional fees for software access, as students had to do in the past.

Benefits of eTextbooks

Looking for more information?  Read this article on the benefits of eTextbooks:

Why Are eTextbook Fees Folded into My Course?

Fees are folded in your course to keep textbook fees down and to ensure that ALL students have access to textbook the first day of classes.  Having a textbook the first day of class not only helps to improve student learning, but it also improves student retention rates.  Students will enjoy textbook savings in some cases as much at 50% to 70% off using this model.  In addition, students also save because they no longer have to purchase a book and software codes.  eTextbook fees cover both and enable students to save tremendously on overall book fees.

Can I Rent my eTextbook?

No.  eTextbooks cannot be rented, for they are specialized online books (not hard copies) delivered to students via a dedicated online learning management platform like Blackboard.   Many eTextbooks also have embedded features that make the books interactive and also often times are bundled with software (e.g, My Writing Lab, My Math Lab, etc...) that is uniquely tied to the course.  If a student were to attempt to rent the same book, it will not be the same for the software piece would be missing or the interactive component that is associated with the eTextbooks program would not be the same.  Or, if they attempted to purchase the book and then buy the software separately, the cost would be much more than the eTextbook price, for the software piece is typically ($75-$135, depending on the product used).  Hence, eTextbooks bundles are attractive for they assist in lowering textbook fees for students.

Why Do Some Instructors / Programs Opt to Use an eTextbook?

There are typically two reasons that drive this decision.  One, they want ALL students to have access to a textbook the first day of class, and (2) they believe in doing so, it will have a positive impact on student learning and retention.  eTextbooks are also attractive for many of faculty for they provide students with immediate access to their text in a matter of a few clicks.  Faculty also report on the interactive nature of some eTextbooks and the software features of many online programs.

Are Hard Copies Available or Can I Print an eBook?

Yes.  Most publishers allow students to print copies directly from Blackboard.  This could be limited to a few pages at a time, but the print capability is still there.  For students wanting a full hard version (in addition to the web version) most publishers can provide students with 3-ring bound copies with a price of about $25-35.  See the bookstore for more information on this additional option.

How Do I Know if a Course Has an eTextbook Fee?

Once you register for a course, you will automatically see whether or not an eTextbook fee has been assessed.  It will actually print on your schedule.  Most online courses have an eTextbook, but a number or ground instructors and programs are electing this attractive option for students.


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